Health & Safety Policy

The Policy of the Company is to ensure a Healthy & Safe Working Environment at Sea, Prevention of Human Injury or Loss of Life and avoidance of damage to the Property and comply with National and International regulations and relevant standards and guidelines (as ILO MLC 2006 Convention). The basic safety policy of this Company is that no task is so important that an employee must violate a safety rule or put him or herself at risk of injury or illness in order to get it done.


Therefore the Company establishes a proactive approach to in Crew Management, Ship Management and other marine services in an occupational safe and health working environment, both ashore and onboard, that includes identification of hazards (including exposures to substances hazardous to health) and the implementation of preventive and mitigation measures.




(ill) Health & Safety Objectives of the Company:


•              Zero level of accident


•              Promotion of the culture of working in a safe & healthy environment, to a way of life


In order to achieve the objectives, the Company:

•              Ensures the Master is given the necessary support to safely perform his duties


•              Provides safe working practices in ship operation and a healthy and safe working environment


•              Establish safeguards against all identified risks


•              Continuously improve safety and health performance and management skills of personnel ashore and onboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety & health protection


•              Systematically identify hazards and measures to eliminate or reduce risks to the lowest practicable level such as from the effects of noise and vibration, from safety measures on and below deck (dangerous atmosphere), from fatigue, drug abuse, HIV / AIDS protection, from work permit systems (working aloft, over-side or in enclosed spaces), from effects of ambient factors (e.g. tobacco smoke), during extreme surface temperatures (high or low), work in or with machinery, during mooring or cargo operations and use of relevant equipment, during emergency and accident response (including fire fighting, fire prevention and structural features of the ship as asbestos or from dangerous cargo and ballast) and from non proper use of personal protective equipment.


•              Promote a no-blame culture and motivate staff to ensure that they understand and embrace the requirements of the ship management system.


•              (ill) Health & Safety objectives and targets are reviewed in quarterly basis through Company’s KPIs.


•              Company provides resources necessary to implement the occupational health and safety programme.


Company ensures:


•              Compliance with applicable legal requirements, mandatory rules & regulations and other requirements to which the Company subscribes

•              The policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organization, while ultimate responsibility remains with the management


•              The organization efforts aim at preventing errors, hazardous situations and incidents. Should this occur, every employee ashore and onboard is required to participate in determining and eliminating the possible causes, in order to prevent recurrence in the future


•              Contingency Plans and provisions for regularly exercising them are established, so that shore-based and shipboard organization can respond effectively at any time to hazards, accidents and emergencies involving the ship.


•              Health & Safety Policy is available to the public and interested parties through its web site and internet.


Shore-based monitoring


•              Every employee, supervisor, manager and director comply strictly with the policy, standards, procedures, instructions issued and always perform their duties within the quality frame, with special attention to safe and healthy condition and with proper concern for protecting the environment


•              A Risk Management Approach designed to identify potential hazards and exposures, management of operational risks, including those related to health & hygiene, is engaged. The validity of Risk Assessments and their application across the fleet is periodically reviewed and updated


•              Regular on-board inspections to monitor the Company standards being maintained within the fleet are carried out and recommendations to top management based on the findings of those inspections are made


•              Proactive campaigns on health & safety preservation and protection matters are established.


Shipboard monitoring


•              Hazard & Exposure Identification and Risk Management Approach is established and appropriate training in the use of hazard & exposure identification techniques and risk assessment tools is provided


•              Continuous Training in Safe Working Practices, hazard & exposure identification techniques is maintained


•              Permit System is maintained all times

•              Drills & exercises program is established


•              Safety Inspections are carried out at scheduled intervals by shore staff and ship’s officers


•              Significant Safety Deficiencies and Defects that cannot be rectified by ship’s staff are immediately reported to shore-based management


•              Compliance with company health, safety & environmental protection procedures & Instructions is periodically verified.