Ports Management

Seaports are areas where there are facilities for berthing or anchoring ships and where there is the equipment for the transfer of goods from ship to shore or ship to ship. To use more modern jargon, it is a ship/shore interface or a maritime intermodal interface.

The Importance of Ports should be considered as one of the most vital aspects of a national transport infrastructure. For most trading nations they are: — The main transport link with their trading partners and thus a focal point for motorways and railway systems. — A major economic multiplier for the nation’s prosperity. Not only is a port a gateway for trade but most ports attract commercial infrastructure in the form of banks, agencies, etc., as well as industrial activity. Ports should also be considered as one of the most important aspects of maritime transport.

The efficient management of a port involves managing these activities and resources, managing the flows of money involved between the agents providing and using these resources, and providing management information.