Quality Policy

The Company in order to achieve Safety and Environmental Excellence in Crew Management, Yacht Management, Ship Management and other marine services establishes and maintains a quality management system, customer focused, aiming to the continuous improvement of customers, people, partners and suppliers or the society satisfaction by accomplishing the following main objectives:

Main Objectives:


•              Provide direction and clearly define responsibilities and accountabilities at all levels of the organization of the Company


•              Ensure that competent shore based staff, who are committed to a high standard of fleet management, supports the fleet


•              Ensure that all ships in the fleet have competent crews who fully understand their roles and responsibilities and who are capable of working as an effective team


•              Establish maintenance standards so that all ships in the fleet are capable of operating safely without risk of an accident or detention


•              Establish and consistently apply navigational practices and bridge procedures in line with the regulatory and Company policies


•              Establish and consistently apply planning and operational practices and procedures that support regulatory and Company Policies during cargo, ballast and mooring operations


•              Establish security preventive measures and contingency plans to protect the ship, its crew, cargoes and visited ports from illegal practices


•              Establish procedures for evaluating and managing changes to operations, procedures, ship’s equipment or personnel to ensure that safety and environmental standards are not compromised

•              Use effective investigation, reporting and follow up methods to learn from significant near misses and incidents and thus prevent recurrence


•              Develop a proactive approach to safety management, both onboard and ashore, that includes identification of hazards (including exposure to substances hazardous to health) and the implementation of preventive and mitigation measures


•              Develop a proactive approach to environmental management that includes identification of sources of marine and atmospheric pollution and measures for the reduction of potential impacts onboard


•              Establish an emergency-preparedness system and regularly test it to ensure an ongoing ability to react effectively to an incident


•              Establish and implement appropriate measurement and feedback processes to focus on and drive continuous improvement.


In order to achieve the main objectives:


Top Management clearly defines and documents its policies for each of the aforementioned main objectives that cover all the activities.