Training policy and objectives

It is Company policy to:


1.             Ensure that personnel assigned to the various tasks connected with the provision of services offered by the Company are appropriately experienced and trained in that task.


2.             Identify training needs by means of on-going appraisal of individual performance and development.

3.             Arrange appropriate training for individuals in line with the resources available and current operational demands.

4.             Encourage those more experienced in the Company’s business and operations to share their knowledge with less experienced personnel

5.             Maintain adequate records of training and experience


6.             Adhere to the national and international requirements for manning vessels and to ensure that the records of sea staff are available for verification.


Through its training policy the Company seeks the following objectives:


1.             To implement the health, safety and environmental policies as well as to enhance the job satisfaction and career prospects of the personnel.


2.             To take advantage of the training provided by returning the seafarers to vessels of the same type.

3.             To enhance the quality of service to customers, in term of the company’s trading patterns and clients and also the services provided between ship and shore and between sea staff onboard.


4.             To familiarize all shore and sea staff with their working environment and encourage safe and efficient working practices and procedures.

5.             To familiarize sea staff with their ship and its equipment, machinery and systems.

6.             To prepare for routine operations and for carrying out shipboard maintenance and have vessels ready for surveys.


7.             To prepare for emergencies which may involve hazard to life, property and the environment.

8.             To encourage personnel to upgrade their knowledge and understanding.